Dave Metz

Becoming Nobody, but a Walker in the Woods

I was born in Roseburg, Oregon and started exploring the woods at a young age, usually with a dog or two. I was crazy about dogs and their abilty to run and willingness to come along with me on my journeys. At 16 I hiked across Oregon. At nineteen Washinton. When I was twenty I spent the summer climbing mountains in the Cascade Range. Hood, Jefferson, Ranier, Middle and South Sister, and Mount St. Helens. When I was twenty,  I took a solo kayak trip down the Peace River in Canada. At twenty-five, the length of the Yukon River, and a few years later I did it with my dog sitting in a compartment I cut out of the bow. I couldn't stand to leave him behind. I traveled to Peru, Venezueala, Borneo, Ecuador, and Brazil. I took a river boat down the Amazon River. I seemed to forever be on the move, searching for that great last wilderness where I could connect and find my place in the world, contented and simple, like a waving weed in the breeze.